Client List

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Client List

Skeletonwitch, Prosthetic Records, Elemental Groove Theory, Hex Net, The Rarely Herd, Patrick Street, Compass RecordsMagic Mama Band, Reel Bop, The Wailin’ Elroy’s, Jane Rothfield, Hotpoint String Band, Patrick Sweany, David Childers, Mark Lynch, The Billycats, The Royales, Wheels on Fire, The Speed Knobs, Saig Brenner, The Boys of the Hock, Kevin Burke, Ged Foley, Udance Records

What does it cost to record at Peachfork Studios?

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Our prices get lower with each additional day booked. Below, you will find some example budgets. For more options click here – rates.

$100.00 1 song demo

1 song- recorded and mixed.

$300.00 singer songwriter demo

3 songs- mixed and mastered, one CD included.

$800.00 CD budget

2 days of studio time. The first day, we record all the songs live, in the studio. The second day we mix the record. Flat rate mastering (rates).

This is important. You must be very well rehearsed, we need good performances in one or two “takes”.

$1400.00 CD budget ($1250.00 w/out mastering)

This budget gives you 5 days in the studio, with flat rate mastering (Remember our rates actually get lower with each day booked).

$2,500.00 CD budget ($2000.00 w/out mastering)

8 days of studio time with premium mastering.

Peachfork Studios Drums

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We have a selection of three drum sets, a good selection of cymbals and a nice room. We also have drum triggers,  great preamps, compressors and mics.  If you want professional sounding drums, we’ve got you covered.

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Yamaha kit recorded at Peachfork

Click below for more drum samples

2 Kit with snare drum made by Trick drums

Funky Slingerland snare drum

3 Kit with snare drum made by Trick drums

Groove Slingerland